Helping to solve complex problems is my passion.

What I do

I help my clients solve complex problems. As a consultant, coach and advisor I have two primary objectives:

1. Providing support that makes a difference - this can be an analytically based answer to a business challenge, a systematic approach to developing a solution, guidance on a specific strategic or organizational question, a structured process and interventions to view a question in a different light, create innovative solutions and implement them successfully, or pragmatic and hands-on help to put solutions into reality.

2. Guiding my clients to develop problem solving capabilities themselves - I firmly believe in the human capacity to learn and develop, hence I will do whatever is required for my clients to develop capabilities themselves, not to rely on continued support.

How I do it

Trust is the basis for constructive collaboration. I always aim for long-term relationships, where we meet on eye-level, trust can develop and a safe yet open atmosphere allows for unbiased thinking, uncensored ideas, authentic dialogue and innovative solutions.

I am not up for a one-off - I am happy to jump in both feet ahead, give it all at short notice to develop pragmatic solutions which create immediate value, but always with a longer term development trajectory in mind.


Me, Axel

I bring more than 25 years experience in top management consulting and banking along a training as a systemic business coach. Over the years I worked in more than 40 countries across the globe, have led some 100s projects, ranging from clearly defined analysis and strategy development to worldwide change projects in MNCs. Whilst I deploy a rigorous fact-based, structured approach, the human being has always been at the centre of my work.

Together with my family I life in the mountains and love being in the mountains. This is also where I help to solve problems in a different way - as a mission leader in the mountain rescue service.

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