About me

I bring more than 25 years experience in top management consulting and banking along a training as a systemic business coach. Over the years I worked in more than 40 countries across the globe, have led some 100s projects, ranging from clearly defined analysis and strategy development to worldwide change and transformation projects. My clients have been corporates across the fully spectrum, ranging from Start-Ups to MNCs, NGOs, Not-For-Profit organizations as well as public sector institutions. I have successfully built global practices, developing businesses from scratch and turning them into worldwide leading offerings. Collaborating with my clients I have benefitted from my experiences in working in Strategy and Finance/Controlling in Banking and the Industry.


Whilst I deploy a rigorous fact-based, structured approach, the human being has always been at the centre of my work. Therefore at some point in my career I decided to train as a systemic business coach and gained certifications from dvct and SHB.

Together with my family I live in the very South of Germany and love being in the mountains. This is also where I help to solve problems in a different way - as a mission leader, active member and trainer in the Mountain Rescue Service.

My principles and values

  • My clients fundamentally have all the capabilities they require to develop and implement a solution. Sometimes, however, it needs a nudge, structure, a process or an analytically solid content answer to make it happen. This is where I come in.
  • Everyone perceives the world differently. Therefore, I aim to truly understand, view themes from different perspectives and highly value heterogeneity.
  • In everything I do I aim for having impact. Pragmatism and intellectually honest and thorough perspectives are key ingredients for me to have impact.
  • People, that is where it all begins and ends. I am passionate about people – getting to know them, being inspired by them, being challenged, working with them … and celebrating successes together.

Hi I'm Axel

  • More than 20 years’ experience in Top Management Consulting, building a career in a Tier 1 consulting firm from Consultant to Senior Partner
  • Successful business builds, developing global practices from scratch
  • Inhouse experience working in Strategy and Controlling in Banking and Industry
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach
  • Mission leader, active member and trainer in the local Mountain Rescue team

Dr. axel miller - consultant, Coach & advisor

My Partners

Helping to solve complex problems is my passion.
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