As an experienced (business) coach I trust in the capabilities of my clients to fully leverage their competencies and realize their objectives. Based on a systemic and constructivist approach I support their development by setting the scene, providing processes and tools for generating structure and insights and guiding them through their own discovery journey.

Having worked closely with senior management as well as having guided many managers throughout their careers, I know their world and how to succeed in it. My approach is based on:

  • A firm believe in the capabilities of my clients to solve their problems
  • A broad toolkit of interventions, methods and processes to structure challenges, create insights, develop solutions, ensure true change
  • Experience in challenging conventional wisdom and enduring the uncomfortable truth
  • A balanced sense on when to give space and when to push


  • Coaching clients to generate ideas, develop new perspectives and insights, find solutions and realize them
  • Systemic approach, constructivist mind-set, process and targeted interventions for self-development
  • Individual coaching, team development, conflict mediation, structure analysis
  • Background as certified systemic (business) coach

How does it work?

  1. Free introductory talk
    Digital, by phone, or in person
  2. Together we analyze your challenges, themes and goals and craft a pathway for development
  3. We work together on individual themes in the context of the overall development trajectory

Is there more I can help with?

Helping to solve complex problems is my passion.
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